Accessibility to Jobs in DC

These shapefiles contain accessibility (also known as connectivity) to jobs in the Washington, DC area. They are Census blocks, with a single attribute, DCMDVAJobs, which is the number of jobs reachable from that Census block in 60 minutes of travel time on transit during peak travel times (7AM to 9AM on weekdays).

There are three files: one for guaranteed accessibility, one for average accessibility, and one for possible accessibility. Guaranteed accessibility is the number of jobs you are guaranteed to be able to reach in 60 minutes if you spontaneously leave for work during the peak, without consulting a schedule. Average accessibility is the number of jobs that are reachable in less than 60 minutes travel time on average; sometimes they may be slightly more than 60 minutes away, and sometimes slightly less. Possible accessibility is the number of jobs accessible if you leave for work at the best possible time during the peak, for example by consulting a schedule or a trip planner. If you’re curious, you can read more about these types of accessibility.

We created these using our Transport Analyst tool, GTFS data from WMATA, DDOT, and regional transit providers, and OpenStreetMap data.

Download the files