Open Data Tools

Manage, edit, validate, and deploy your data

GTFS Data Manager showing validation results for a feed

Conveyal’s data management tools allow you to manage your transport data.

GTFS Editor allows creation and editing of transit data in the open General Transit Feed Specification format, used by thousands of cities and transport operators around the globe. GTFS data powers the majority of trip planners as well as our analytics tools. GTFS Data Manager allows you to manage multiple versions of multiple GTFS feeds, find potential errors in feeds, and deploy them to OpenTripPlanner. All of these projects are open source and on GitHub.

Streamline your workflow

GTFS Data Manager enables point-and-click administration of OpenTripPlanner servers and complex multi-user data workflows. Users can administer test and production server environments to keep trip planner services in sync with the latest data updates. External data providers can share, validate and test GTFS changes.

GTFS Data Manager deploying a collection of feeds to OpenTripPlanner