Support for Bikeshare Trips Added to Modeify

By Trevor Gerhardt 14 May 2015

A version of this post originally appeared at Mobility Lab.

Along with bike-to-transit and drive-to-transit, people traveling throughout the Washington D.C. region – for the first time – can now search for bikeshare-to-transit directions as part of their trip planning. This is because the Modeify commuter outreach platform now includes bikeshare as a supported mode.

To see if your commute would benefit from Capital Bikeshare, start by going to CarFreeAtoZ, the Modeify-based trip planner for the Washington, DC area. Follow the guide to submit your home and work address to see your results.

A great example of a trip enabled by bikeshare is my regular commute from the office in D.C. to the Arlington County Building next to the Courthouse Metro.


Without a bike, the best options are a two transfer Green/Yellow to Red to Orange/Silver lines trip or a looping Green/Yellow to Orange/Silver line trip that adds four extra stops. With a Capital Bikeshare membership, I can skip transfers or a longer wait and bike directly to Metro Center.

On the CarFreeAtoZ map, you’ll see all of the routes found laid out together for visual comparison. You’ll see red dashed lines for biking, gray dashed lines for driving, blue dotted lines for walking, and bus and Metro lines colored according to their brand.

In the panel below the addresses, you’ll see a card for each route we found. Hovering over the card will highlight the route on the map. To view the itinerary of an individual route, just expand the card by clicking “details.”

Chris Hamilton of Arlington County Commuter Services sees this integration as a needed addition to current trip planners in the region.

“Capital Bikeshare was a game changer for the region when it debuted as a transit option almost five years ago. People now make more one-way trip decisions as a result. allows people to visualize this, compare it to other trip combinations and keep the option handy for when needed. We know this improvement to is going to be a game changer too.”

These recent changes should illuminate new ways of traveling around the city and show how Capital Bikeshare can expand your personal transportation network by adding a new mode of transportation for the beginning and the end of your journeys.